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fred | Posted: 25-August-2016


I telephoned the taxi number at 9329999. The guy guy said the taxi would be here in an hour. After an hour and a half I called back to ask wher the taxi was. No answer. I left a message to call me back. After another hour no call back. I called again to ask what the deal was and if I should make other arrangements. I got a text five minutes later to "make other arrangements". What the Hell!!!???!! I was promised a cab in an hour, the idiot refuses to answer my call, and then an hour and a half after the promised cab does not show up I am told to "make other arrangments". Let me make a full discloser here: When I first talked to this person I asked what the rates were. I then told him I would check with another company to see if they had cheaper rates. When he told me that the taxi would arrive in an hour I asked if there was a chance the taxi would arrive in two or three hours instead of one. I have been kept waiting more then once and it is aggravating. I believe quite a few people can relate. At any rate, I"m guessing that this person resented me daring to ask him about the rates or about the actual time of arrival. So he decided to "get even" with me in this way. Whatever. A verbal contrat was made. He broke it. Also, I needed the cab because I had to drop by car off at the mechanic to be fixed. I had to get back home so I could get my truck and get to a very sick old lady to take care of her needs. Thanks to this morans sick games I did not get there. The only one he hurt was her. This lady happens to be my Mother. She was upset I could not be there. I resent what this person did to her. More discloser: Yes; I did call him back and I left a message calling him a few bad names. I also left my name and address and told him to call the police on me for daring to call him those names. I really want to see that filth in court! What is wrong with yellow cab that they would allow this kind of nonsense? I do hope they look in on this site and contact me because I would relly love to kive them an ear full. If it matters this happened on August 25, between two and five pm..

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Jenn | Posted: 2-March-2015


I called the company to ask a question. Upon asking, the operator hung up on me.

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