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Lazy bastards | Posted: 7-October-2016


Called about ride from 23rd St ro Penn Stati9n. Before even finishing where my destination is the dispatcher says no available rides. Then I had to hurry and wave down a cab to find out that my driver hadn't even had a passenger for hours...worst excuse for customer service

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Terrible Service

NYC! | Posted: 9-March-2016


I called to reserve a car for my boss. The first time I gave the man on the phone my address and he simply said "impossible" and hung up. Thinking it was an accident, because I assumed there was no way in the world anyone working in customer service could possibly provide such terrible service, I called back. The second time, the same man answered the phone and said "no cars near you" and promptly hung up before I could blink. First of all, how are there are no cars near me....I am calling a car service to reserve a car. Isn't it your job to send one to my address? Isn't that the entire purpose of your business? Second of all, who trained this man to hang up on his customers? And with such attitude! I'm pretty disgusted with the level of service. I have worked for over a decade in customer service, half of which was spent in a call center so I understand the frustration of answering calls all day long...but quite frankly it's not my problem as the customer if you are frustrated with your job.

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Great service

Felipe | Posted: 2-January-2016


Pretty good service. The driver arrived 5 minutes before the time scheduled and help us with the luggage.

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