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Thieves and Crooks! Stay Away!!

Jsquared | Posted: 19-October-2013


THIEVES AND CROOKS STAY AWAY. I took a cab home from doing laundry at the Wash Bucket, the driver was on his phone the entire time and forgot to turn on the meter. He told me to give me what I thought it would be. (2.5 miles ?? $10.00??) I gave him roughly $10.00 and started getting my laundry out of his van. I went out to get my laptop and he was gone. "Maybe my laptop is in one of the laundry baskets?" I looked and it wasn't. I called the company and explained to them that the driver was preoccupied on the phone and had left before I could get everything out of his van. They go on to tell me that if I want the laptop back I will have to pay for him to come from the mall twice the distance he originally drove me. What could I do but pay them for his mistake.(And yes I offered to throw him a couple bucks for gas thinking I would shoot him $5) I tried to explain to dispatch that I paid the man before I stepped foot on the curb. That I wasn't done getting my belongings out. It didn't matter a $10.00 cab ride ended up costing me $30.00 The dispatch went on to tell the sheriffs dept whom I called that they would have brought it for free later on in the evening...( To cover their butts) They never mentioned this to me. I'll eat the extra $20.00 but if I ever have to take a cab again it will definitely not be Tarheel Taxi!!!!! This is besides the point but I had three bags and two laundry hampers full of laundry. The driver (no older than 25) never left his seat or even offered a hand he simply sat there and watched me load and then unload everything..... Well except my laptop!!!

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