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Horrible always use UBER !!

Jack | Posted: 11-October-2016


I have lived in fort smith ar, for 11 years now and I have used the razerback cab several times throughout the years. Every single time I have used them. They rarely answer the phone and when they do the operator is rude than it takes 1-4 hours for them to get to my address to pick me up (if they even show up) than the driver is rude. And depending on the driver they will charge you whatever they think sounds good that day. which is usually almost double the amount it should actually cost. ....... the only thing to be thankful for now is that UBER is now available in fort smith, I love riding with uber ! They pick you up promptly, and you can watch them on their way to your pickup location via the app. I can use my debit or credit card to pay, So I am never cheated. Every driver on UBER that has picked me up has been extremely nice and it is an enjoyable experience unlike the whole cab experience. ....... my point is that since UBER started, and as long as it is here and i need a ride they are the only ones I will ever request again !!!

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Charles | Posted: 7-September-2016


The drivers have horrible attitudes. Was on the phone and the driver just took off and left me here. Honestly isnt it their jobs to provide a service to a paying customer?

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Disabled walker apparently .

Angel | Posted: 27-October-2015


Waiting over an hour and a half STILL. The dispatcher tells my person that She hasn't forgotten us and that people going to work were "more important than round trips and trips to the liquor store".... Are you serious? One? When did Wal-Mart start selling "liquor"? 2? Has she eaten today? Yea? Well I HAVE NOT. I need to go to the GROCERY STORE SO I CAN BUY FOOD!!! You know that "life sustaining substance" we Are required to consume if we want to stay alive? Or in your case a greasy, self rightous $%@&!?

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