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dissatisfied customer

Sunny | Posted: 27-January-2016


I called JB Taxi Svc to ask if they service a certain area. The man answering the phone was extremely rude. He would not answer my question. I asked him a 2nd time if they service a certain area, when he asked where I needed transportation to. When I told him, he became inflammatory in remarks: raised his voice. I told him one more time where I need transportation to, letting him know the time I needed to be there. Asked if they could provide service. He yelled, "Lady, we have 10 calls a minute here! I have to have someone call you!" He hung up on me. I called a 2nd time, hoping that a different dispatcher would answer. Unfortunately, it was the same man. Same rudeness. I -once again- told him that I need a ride to a certain destination. Explained that I don't appreciate being hung up on. And I was dismayed at the poor service. He then became irate, yelling at me that he is having to take 10 calls a minute. I asked him 1 LAST time if he would please simply tell me if they service our area. At this point, he yelled, "You just go on & on & on, lady.....I don't have time for this sh*t..." He hung up on me a 2nd time.

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Slow, unreliable

beaverco-resident | Posted: 28-May-2015


Called at an hour and a half early to be at work before my shift (I can't be late, not even a minute). Guy showed up at ten minutes after when I said to be here, drove like a grandma and got me outside my work two minutes late. God was he lucky no one was there to check when I got in that morning by some unthinkable strange situation that happened at that time.

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JMB4 | Posted: 10-February-2015


Horrible Customer Service - Very Rude Do not recommend.

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