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Slow Slow The worst

Patty C | Posted: 13-June-2016


Every time I'm told 20 to 30 minutes and the driver actually arrives after an hour to an hour and a half. I kept trying for over a year but nothing has gotten better. Yesterday after giving up on Checker I called Access Budget Taxi. They told me 15 minutes and when I looked outside after 13 minutes they had arrived. WARNING DON'T USE CHECKER CAB UNLESS YOU HAVE AN HOUR OR TWO TO WAIT. Yesterday after an hour and still no cab on the way I told dispatcher that I would not be calling them ever in the future.

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Total Confusion

tleeg1 | Posted: 3-October-2015


No ones seems to know anything when you get in the cab. BUT FIRST- they answer the phone with a "How can I help you?" When you start to speak, the annoyed voice says "Can I have your phone number first?" Okay, why did you say "Can I help you, instead of "Telephone number please!" ??? Then you order the cab, which will take a long time; as all cabs do. The drivers want cash. The whole debit card experience is a roller coaster ride of possibilities. Some have their own readers, which means you don't use the one on the back of the seat at all. You feel uncomfortable, like you're part of an undercover scheme. The first guy charges me cab fare, but there is no place for a tip. So then he produces a tip "Menu". When all was said and done I paid for the fare, the tip and some other "Extra" of $2.50. I called the company about it, got a crazy round and round sort of explanation, but the "Extra $2.50"was never offered to be refunded. The next trip the same sort of thing, however this guy at least did not charge any "EXTRAS". I don't understand, in this day and age, why its so complicated. You feel for sure you're being scammed....I was switching from Yellow Cab, because of the cars, the scary drivers, the overwhelming smell of incense or deodorizer covering up GOD KNOWS I'm between a rock and a hard place. Why? Why?

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