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The worst

detroit | Posted: 2-March-2015


The worst service in the city, if you can't flag a cab down you will not get a cab so that early pick-up in the morning so you can get to work on time forget about calling. There call center is just none existent the staff that mans the phones wow "Ghetto Hood Rats" checker is one way I can guarantee for you to get to your location late I rather call uber or lyft or some random dude in a rape van to pick me up horrible terrible bad call center and company.

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Business | Posted: 5-February-2015


Checkers is the worst cab company ever. They NEVER show up, the dispatchers are rude as fuck, The Nigerian drivers are rude they call you bitches, i dont even see why they still in business honestly its terrible you can never get anywhere without some trouble with this cab company and everyother cab Company in detroit even the busses are the exact same way... The city of detroit is just fucking Horrible

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